Due to the vast and various selection of parts for the “undercarriage”, we would encourage you go to our contact page. 

Email us with the specific part you require,

whether it is only a roller or complete track.

We will try and help.


New Burco front idler for CAT 320

New bottom roller for Komatsu D65

New bottom roller for CAT D3-931

New 2 Bar grouser pads Extreme Service for CAT 350

NEW chain – Salt- to fit CAT D6C/D6D

New Unused Front idler for Komatsu D41-6

New Unused Front idlers for International dresser 175c shovel TD15 Dozer

New Unused front idler for Komatsu D57 shovel

New Unused  Single bar grouser pads for 1H 100


Komatsu PC40 – 45 chains 450mm steel pads

Komatsu D65 – 12 Bottom rollers

Komatsu D65 Top rollers

Komatsu D85 Front idlers